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Disability Consultancy Services was formed by Mr George Percy. I acquired my disability in 1995 which gives me first hand experience when I am providing (Disability Equality Awareness Training) to our customers.

In our company brochure and website you will find a breakdown of all types of training which D C S can provide. This training is not just for people with a disability, it is designed to educate all staff no matter what their occupation. From 1st October 1998 all training courses successfully completed by the staff of any company or organisation will be rewarded with a certificate which would be presented to the said company or organisation.

Each training programme is individually prepared to suit the company or organisation which it is going to be delivered to. Therefore the cost of each training programme is based on the training required by that company or organisation. We feel that this type of training is becoming very important now that disability issues are now regarded a priority due to incoming legislation and more and more disabled people being integrated into mainstream society.

We at Disability Consultancy Services are looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps designing and delivering a training programme to suit your needs. Thank you for your kind attention.


  1. Our consultancy service can advise you on all aspects of disability policy from education to employment, access issues to community care, working with people with disabilities, and learning disability awareness. We will work with you in a flexible way to turn good idea’s into practice.

  2. Whether you simply want information and advice or if you need a package of consultancy or training specially tailored to your requirements, D.C.S. can assist you.

  3. D.C.S. provides professional services and products to all organizations, enabling them to respond to service provision.

  4. D.C.S. tackles all the barriers faced by disabled people: - attitudinal, physical structural and institutional.

D.C.S. will provide you with the tools to meet the challenges of the millennium and to achieve quality through equality.

Mission Statement

"We affirm that disabled people should share equally in all the rights,
benefits, obligations and opportunities of their community, and should
receive all support in reaching their full potential, enjoying whatever
improvement of living conditions and quality of life that may result
from social and economic development."




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