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Aids and Equipment Workshop

Proposal Form
We wish to recommend one session of a 5 hour duration starting at 10.00 am and finishing at 3.00 pm. This session to include (8 to 14) participants approximately.
Introduction To disability Impairments
This section will inform participants of the different causes and types of disability impairments. This section is important to help people understand how the various aids and equipment can benefit a disabled person.
Daily Living Skills
This section will inform participants of the various aids which can help a disabled person gain more independence when visiting a restaurant, canteen or in their own home, eg. Serving and cooking of hot food and drinks safely.
Aids And Adaptive Technology
This section will inform participants of the different types of aids and adaptive technology available.
Planning and Lay-out
In this section participants will be shown how aids and equipment in some cases could have been avoided if the correct steps had been taken when the building was first planned and then built. If all buildings were made accessible when they were built taking into account disabled people as well as non disabled people there would be far less barriers in society.
Aids And Equipment used in relation To Transport and Employment
This section will look at how a person with a physical, sensory or learning disability would benefit from using the correct aids and equipment in relation to transport and employment.

At the conclusion of the sess