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Disability Awareness Training One Day

Proposal Form
We wish to recommend one session of a 6 hour duration starting at 09.30 am and finishing at 4.30pm.

Disability Consultancy Services can provide training in all area's of equality in the workplace. e.g. Disability, Gender, and Race.
General outline of the workshop
  1. Social and Medical Model.
    In this section participants will gain an understanding of the Social and Medical models of disability.

  2. Disability Aids.
    In this section participants will gain an understanding of the history of disability and the importance of integrating people with disability into main stream society.

  3. Correct Language and Behaviour Exercise.
    The appropriate use of language relating to disabled people is important. Negative/derogatory terms both label and categorise people with disabilities. In this section participants will gain a knowledge of the preferred terms when liasing with people with disabilities.

  4. Barriers Exercise.
    In this section we will discuss the three main barriers which may face people with disability in relation to the retail sector (i.e. structural, physical, attitudinal). It needs to be pointed out that society is the most disabling part of a persons disability.

  5. Discrimination Exercise.
    This section will help participants gain a better understanding of discrimination and how discrimination might be linked to people with disability in the workplace.

  6. Do's and Don't Exercise.
    With the assistance of video evidence we will identify how participants will assist a person with a disability. It is also important to note that sometimes it is better to know what not to do as oppose to what to do. (i.e. how to identify how assistance is required, taking into account each disability has different access requirements.

  7. Case Studies.
    In this section participants will be asked to discuss three different types of case studies which will be relevant to their employment, thus identifying and working with the subject issues.
At the conclusion of the session we will re-cap on any queries which participants may have.

It is important to note that this proposed one day workshop is a basic introduction to disability awareness.

Following this one day training it is recommended that each participant follows up with an intensive two day programme.




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