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Disability Awareness Training Two Day

Proposal Form
We wish to recommend two sessions of a 12 hour duration to be run over two days.

Disability Consultancy Services can provide training in all area's of equality in the workplace. e.g. Disability, Gender, and Race.
General outline of the workshop
  1. Review and Evaluation of Day One.
    In this section participants outline any queries or concerns they may have come across since the one day workshop.

  2. Learning Disability
    Definition of learning disability. Basic overview of learning disability and problems. Outline of common functional problems which may arise in the workplace.

  3. Attitudes towards
    Attitudes towards disabled people. Group discussion of previous experience in relation to people with disabilities. Exploring barriers and attitudes.

  4. Visual Impairment
    Introduction to visual impairment.
    Adaptive technology.
    Daily living skills.
    Sighted guide demonstration to include role plays on assisting a blind person.

  5. Epilepsy
    Possible causes and conditions.
    Signs and symptoms.
    Basic treatment.
    Demonstration of recovery position.

  6. Wheelchair users and walking disabilities
    A presentation from a person with a physical disability.
    Practical exercise using a wheelchair which will include loading and unloading a wheelchair from a vehicle, how to fold a wheelchair and how to take a wheelchair up and down steps safely.

  7. Mental Health Disability
    Definition of mental disabilities.
    Current perception of mental disabilities.
    Outline of common problems and discussion of stigma of people with mental disabilities.

  8. Hearing Disability
    Introduction to hearing disability.
    Aids and adaptive technology.
    Participants will also learn how to assist a person with a hearing disability with reference to lip reading and the use of a sign language interrupter.

  9. Stammering Disability
    Possible causes and conditions.
    How to work with a person with a stammering disability using the recommended guidelines.

  10. Group Recommendations
    At the end of this two day training workshop participants will be given the opportunity to evaluate the training they have received and make group recommendations and comments which will be forwarded to management to allow an equal opportunities service for customers and employees.
Again, at the end of the session we will re-cap on any queries which participants may have.




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