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Personal Care Workshop

Proposal Form
We wish to recommend one session of a 5 hour duration starting at 10.00 am and finishing at 3.00pm. The session to include (8 to 14) participants approximately.
This section will look at the words personal care and link them with the relationship between Leaders and their Personal Assistants.
Daily Living Skills
With the aid of video's this section will look at the positive and negative ways in which Personal Assistants sometimes make decisions without consulting their Leader. Eg. Informing them what they are having for dinner without first asking.
How to assist a Disabled person correctly.
Role plays will be used in this section to demonstrate the correct procedure in assisting a disabled person no matter what their disability. Eg. How to guide a blind person correctly. How to assist a wheelchair user correctly.
How to approach and address a Disabled person correctly
This section will take into consideration the correct language and behavior which should be used by a Personal Assistant when approaching or addressing a disabled person. E.g. Wheelchair user should be used instead of wheelchair bound.
How to form a good working relationship
In this section we will look at ideas which will help to develop the working relationship between the Personal Assistant and the Leader.

At the conclusion of the session we will re-cap on any queries which participants may have.






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